List of model for Zender

For nearly 30 years, this name is inseparably connected with the individual car. While they started with single parts in the early Seventies, today's extensive Zender programmes reaches from the polished aluminium gearshift lever up to exactly fitting bodywork components and a wide range of alloy wheels from own production. As inventor of ideas of the whole industry and because of his high product quality level, Zender could get a very high reputation of the car industry all over the world.

The ready-to-drive design concepts like e.g. the VISION 3, FACT4 or the ESCAPE 6 with VW technology are a synonym for Zender's special strengths: Innovation, Know-How and top quality. This idea was born 1969 from Hans-Albert Zender, when he was 23 years old. The beginning was the production of bucket-seats for himself and his friends. Fender extensions for universal fitting was the first businesslike sold product. The 'one-man-company' grow to the well known ZENDER-Group with activities in Aftersales-Tuning, Car-Sales and OEM-Supplier. Zender is responsible for many stylingtrends - this is the base that ZENDER is one of the leading companies in the worldwide styling business.

Once upon a time there was a young man with only one thought on his mind. The automobile. And since the financial side is often a problem for your people Hans Albert Zender started to build the parts on his own. At the end of the sixties his first product was a bucket seat, later he manufactured his own wheel arch extension. This was the beginning of a big love for everything associated with cars. Hans Albert Zender researched the specific characteristics of fibre reinforced plastics and introduced his first show car - VISION 1S - at the International Automotive Fair in Frankfurt 1983. The VISION 2 followed in 1985, a sensational concept which already showed the underbody shaped as a diffuser, found nowadays in the Formula 1 or in high ranked sports cars.

The cabriolet - VISION 3c - was shown at the Geneva Automotive Salon in 1986. ZENDER presented the VISION 3 - Mercedes Benz V8 motor, 5.6 l engine and 300 horse power in 1987. In 1989 the FACT4 BITURBO was finished a perfect example for a high tech car which ranked first place in comparison to other sports cars. Out of a carbon fibre aramid fibre sandwich construction ZENDER produced this turbocharger with an Audi V8 motor, 3.6 l engine, 448 horse power, highest speed 315 km/h. The next one was the FACT 4 SPIDER - a bit tamer than big brother but still not dreary. With the PROGETTO CINQUE in 1995 ZENDER started a new philosophy - realizing a car with less funds but the same fun factor.