List of model for Wiesmann

Wiesmann is the automotive dream company of two auto-passionate brothers from Germany, Martin Wiesmann and Friedhelm Wiesmann. Fascinated as children by motor-racing, the two brothers set out to build their own car. Their lasting and uncompromising idea was and remains to create a sporty car with classic elegant looks and highly-regarded balance.

Their company's philosophy is to create a car that will "stick to the road like geckos to a wall", hence their brand logo, which represents a gecko. The company is fairly new to the automotive industry, but well built lavish vehicles earned them a place among the exclusive car manufacturers.

Wiesmann started as a custom hard-top manufacturer for convertibles and is still in that business to this day. Their automotive history however, began in 1985 when during the Essen Motor Show the two brothers realised the sports cars exhibited there lacked one of the most important ingredients in their opinion: passion. So they embarked on a journey to create their own sports car with a fascinating old-fashioned shape, but with state-of-the-art technology.

In 1986 their first development stage was complete and they now had a nearly finished chassis. Testings were under way and a year later they had their first Wiesmann roadster. In 1988 they have opened their first factory and made their debut presence as a car maker at that year's Essen Motor Show.

In 1991 Wiesmann builds its factory in Telgenkamp, Dülmen and 2 years later the company exhibits its first car: the Wiesmann MF3 Roadster.

The car had engine and transmission components sourced by BMW and due to the model’s immediate success on the German market, Wiesmann decided to continue its partnership with BMW to this day.

During the IAA 2005 in Frankfurt, the purist sports car company released a new addition to their line-up, the GT MF4. In 2008 the two founding brothers decided the old headquarters at Telegenkamp in Dulmen should get a new upgrade in accordance with their company’s exclusivist philosophy.

So they have build a futuristic architectural structure in the form of their existing facility which is made of steel and glass and resembles a gecko. The company calls it the “glass manufactory”. With business development going fairly well for the German car manufacturer, they have also considered entering the North American car market in 2010.

Meanwhile, until the company prepares for that big step forward, the 100-employee factory is ready to unveil a new model at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show, the Wiesmann MF5 Roadster.