List of model for Datsun

Datsun is a Japanese automotive brand fading back to 1931, when a company called DAT Motorcar Co. Used "Datson" for its smaller sized car. The same stuck and in 1934 Nissan took control of the company and brand. They chanced the "sun" to "son" because it meant loss in Japanese. The brand enjoyed reasonable success in numerous markets, but in the early 1980s Nisan started to gradually phase the name out. In 2013, Datsun was revived, this time serving as an affordable car brand for emerging markets. Their first car is the GO small hatchback to be built in India from 2014 and based on the Micra/March. Many budget cars are planned, including an upcoming sedan likely to be be based on the same architecture. The no-frills attitude towards car building will reportedly result in the GO costing from as little as €5,000.