List of model for Alpine

Alpine is a French manufacturer of racing and sportscars that was created in 1954 by Jean Rédélé. Since its creation, the company has been close to Renault, as even its first model was based on the 4CV. That was the Alpine A106 which achieved a number of successes through the 1950s.

Then the Alpine A108 came by in 1958, based on the Renault Dauphine, and played an important role in making the brand mainstream. And so, history takes us to the Alpine A110, the brand's most famous model thanks to its success in rallies throughout the 70s. Actually, thanks to the A110, the Lancia Stratos came to existance as the first car designed specifically for rally rancing to beat it.

The company continued to develop its models thoughout the 80s, with the A310 being the next interpretation of the A110. This was a sportscar with a rear-mounted engine which then transformed into the new Alpine GTA range made out of plastic and polyester components.

The 90s brought a special edition widebody GTA Le Mans and the all-new Alpine A610 and later on the Alpine A710 Berlinette 2.

In 1995, parent company Renault gave up on the Alpine subsidiary, but then, in October 2007, it was reported that Renault's marketing coss Patrick Blain had revealed plans for several sportscars, and in 2009, the company confirmed its plans to revive the Alpine brand.

In 2016, at an event in Monte Carlo, Renault unveiled the Alpine Vision showcar, thus announcing a 2017 relaunch of the brand along with a production version of the model.